Wednesday, February 16, 2011

One Bite or Two?

Okay, now that we're just a few days out from our dinner party - remember my plans for out-of-this-world amuse-bouche?!? - the mayhem and arguments about food and food presentation have commenced.  Yes, that is what my husband and I actually argue about.

I opted for an amuse-bouche menu because there is something intriguing - and challenging - to me about creating a flavorful mouthful. Amuse-bouche. An amusing mouthful. One mouthful. Only one bite. And I love the way amuse-bouche are served: minature cups and bowls, artistically twisted silverware. It's a feast for the eyes as well as the mouth.

So, here's the debate.  A deviled egg that one bite or two bites?

Since Jake and I were at an impasse, I did what I normally do to get a multitude of opinions.  I posted my question on facebook.  Gotta love the immediacy of that kind of interaction.

One of my friends from Canada wanted to know if I meant American eggs or Canadian eggs.  I wasn't aware that Canadian chicken layed smaller eggs.  Makes sense though; everything in America comes super-sized.  I just heard about Starbuck Coffee's brand new trenta size.  That is another blogpost...

Several friends said, unequivocally, two bites.  One said, maybe even three.  Another admitted, if the deviled eggs are really good, it's just one bite. 

What do you think? 

Just so you know, I love the responses, but I'm stubborn enough that I'm sticking by my guns, especially since I'm the cook!  Besides, I already bought the quail eggs.

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