Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Marionberries and Golden Raspberries

Today I wandered the downtown farmers' market, looking for a vendor I had planned to interview for a story. Unfortunately, he was not open for business as his website indicated he was. Bummer.

The up side: I discovered marionberries and golden raspberries from Borba Farms in Aromas. They were my perfect dessert. While the boys demolished our Chocolate Mousse Ice Cream, I devoured these by the handful.

Marionberries are a fleeting summer treat. I usually only see them for a few weeks...if that. Technically, they are Marion blackberries, named after the county in Oregon where they were developed, a cross between a blackberry and an olallieberry. Marionberries have a rich, earthy flavor without the bitterness of some other blackberries.

Golden raspberries are one of the three that you can find during the summer months - black raspberries, red raspberries, and golden raspberries. I just love their sun-kissed, golden hue and sweetness. Thanks, Borba Farms!

Do you have these at your markets? What are your favorite summer berries?

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