Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hand-Me-Down Dinner: Crockpot Chicken Enchilada Soup

 Crockpot Chicken Enchilada Soup
Recipe by Table for Two. Cooked by Jackie Scott.

A hand-me-down dinner is not as strange as it sounds and, frankly, I have to say that I love technology and social media.
Here's the flow: my friend sees a recipe on a blog via Pinterest and cooks it for her family. It's too spicy for them but she doesn't want it to go to waste, so she offers it up on Facebook "to a local friend with delivery included."

Wow. Too good a deal to pass up, especially since I have a meeting tonight and would love an already-made dinner that's homemade. She even threw in some bread, salad, and sour cream. Wow. Thanks, Jackie!

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