Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ribs Braised with Fresh Thyme

Braised ribs are a favorite dinner for our family. I braise the ribs, then marinate them with a sauce overnight, and finish them in the oven the next day.

rack of baby back ribs

2 T smashed garlic
olive oil
2 C dry white wine
2 T organic honey
4 sprigs fresh thyme
I sliced the racks into pieces that could fit in the bottom of my pans. I browned smashed garlic in a splash of olive oil then quickly seared the ribs to seal in the juices. I added in the thyme, poured in the wine and honey, brought it to a boil, covered it, and reduced to a simmer. Let that simmer for 2 hours. The meat will be so tender that it's almost falling off the bone.

In the meantime, I made a rhubarb barbeque sauce.

Slather the ribs with the sauce and let sit overnight in the fridge. Before serving, brush the sauce all over the ribs - again - and bake, covered in foil, in a 300 degree oven till completely warmed.

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