Monday, April 9, 2012

The Food Matters Project: The Rhubarb Download Continues

And the rhubarb download the face of the rhubarb shortage, or aversion, everyone got very, very creative.

Again, to those who cooked this week, I just wanted to say THANK YOU. You amaze and inspire me...every week.
Photo credit belongs to each blogger; link provided to the original post.

Sam + Evi of Fifth Floor Kitchen whipped up cod in rhubarb sauce. Hooray! They had luck getting frozen rhubarb at Whole Foods. Our local store was out. I called...twice. "Halve the pepper." Thanks for the tip.

Jen of Prariesummers made the rhubarb sauce - exactly as the recipe instructed - but served hers with leftover Easter lamb and potato dumplings. Sounds exquisite. Cute presentation with the pink tablecloth. Love it!

Sarah from Food & Fredrick, did as I did, used beets for the pink color of the dish. She caramelized beets with chick peas. More pink...

Lena from Mrs. Garlichead went the alternative route Bittman offered by using escarole...with chickpea nuggets. I eyed that option, but really wanted something pink. Being the only female in the land of testosterone that is my home, I find every excuse to bring something "girly" to our table.

More to come...

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