Monday, December 22, 2014

Wombat's Feast

Can you believe this kiddo - the little one - is eleven?

For his birthday, the Wombat wanted to cook dinner for some friends. Recipes (and photos) to  come, but this is what he's cooking and serving...

On the Plates, In the Bowls

The Savories

Seasonal Nibbles
Assorted Cheeses, Charcuterie, and Fruits

Sea-Urchin Flecked Soup
Seafood Chowder Topped with Hand-Harvested Urchin Roe

Risotto alla Salsiccia
Creamy Arborio Rice with Sausages from el Salchichero

Winter Greens Salad
Seasonal Greens with Passionfruit Vinaigrette

The Sweets

Chocolate Tasting
Curated Chocolate Tasting from Spicely’s Organic Chocolates

Chocolate-Fennel Sorbet
Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream with Honey-Roasted Fennel Bulb

In the Glasses and Mugs

Assorted Sparkling Juices
Hot Mulled Cider

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