Monday, December 22, 2014

We [HEART] Cowgirl Creamery

We never get close to the Ferry Building without going in and spending an obscene amount of money on tasty salted pig parts and cheese!  It's probably a good thing that Cowgirl Creamery isn't closer to us; I'd just have to sign my paycheck over to them each month.

This trip the boys even turned down lunch at a restaurant. They just wanted to go to the Ferry Building and get some cheese and meats. I'm down with that. Jake went to find somewhere to sit and I took the mini-caseophiles into Cowgirl.

The boys grabbed a number and waited, impatiently, for their turn with the cheese specialist.

"Number eighteen?" one of them called.

"Right here," declared R, waving his number. "I'd like some Red Hawk, please." Click to read more about the Red Hawk: here.

It's a family favorite. And this time around, he didn't mess around with half of a wheel. We got the whole thing!

"I'd like to try a bleu cheese, please," said the Wombat. The cheese specialist glanced over his head at me. I nodded. 

She asked he wanted a mild bleu or a stronger one. Stronger, please. 

"We love seeing kids who have a great cheese palate and know what they want. When I was a kid, I only ate Kraft singles." 

I'll admit it: I did buy this cheese for the name. Sottocenere. Under ashes. How can you resist a name like that?

I imagined sitting under a tree in Pompeii washing this down with a bottle of Lacrimi del Cristo. And beyond the coolest name ever, it's a truffle cheese. Yes, I was in heaven.

And we picked up some Fra'Mani. Salame Piemontese was my pick for the day. I love the warm, aromatic addition of cardamom, ginger, and clove.

Look at these guys! One likes the stinkiest cheeses he can find. The other takes photos of his food before he eats it. You'd think their mom is a food writer or something!. The apples don't fall far from the tree, apparently.

This crazy 12-hour whirlwind was a great way to celebrate our Wombat and his upcoming birthday.

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