Monday, July 22, 2013

Cooking Around the World: Nepal

Our Cooking Around the World Adventure has brought us to Nepal. Dylan and I - a couple of years back - went to a Nepalese restaurant when we took Pia there during her Eat-Your-Way-Around-Berkeley Birthday weekend. The food was delicious.

Country: Nepal

Fun Facts:
Nepal’s local name for Mt. Everest is Sagarmatha, or “goddess of the sky.”

The flag of Nepal is the only national flag that is not quadrilateral in shape. [See right.]

Eight of the world’s highest peaks can be found in Nepal.

Touching anything with your feet is considered offensive in Nepal.

The abominable snowman, also known as the yeti, is a legendary apelike creature that is believed to frequent the high valleys of Nepal.

Greetings in Nepal are similar to the greetings in India– people put their palms together and then bow their forehead, saying “Namaste,” which directly translates to “I salute the God in you.”

Here's what we made...

Click for the original recipe post.

Dal Bhat
Click for the original recipe post.

The Netherlands is next on our list. This Global Table Ambassador is signing off for now.

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