Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tomato-Peach Cobbler {Recipe Testing}

As part of the Food52 community, I occasionally volunteer to test a recipe and submit some headnotes. This weekend, I signed up to try In My Kitchen's Sweet Tomato and Peach Cobbler. And we were invited to a barbeque at our friends' house, so I thought it the perfect addition to the potluck.

Sweet, vine-ripened tomatoes and succulent stone fruit are the embodiment of summer. But in the end, the verdict was a resounding THUMBS DOWN from everyone who tried it. I will say that I have never brought a dessert to a party and had more than half of it leftover. So that is saying something.

People liked the peach and loved the cobbler topping; the tomatoes just didn't fit. I had to agree: the idea of the dessert was fantastic. The actual dessert was not a hit so I am opting not to post the recipe here. You can click here to try the original recipe for yourself.

*Update 7/23/2013: I emailed the Food52 editors in a quandry - the dish wasn't a hit, do you want my headnote anyway? They did. So, I wrote and submitted this...

While luscious tomatoes and succulent stone fruits scream ‘summer!’, this seasonal cobbler paired them to disastrous results. The tangy buttermilk topping is one I will certainly use again as it was tasty with a pleasing crumb. But the combination of tomato and peach was a miss with everyone who tried it. I brought this dessert to a summer barbeque – with well over 30 people in attendance – and I came home with half a pan full of cobbler. That never happens. It’s too bad, too, because I wanted to love this dish.

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  1. When I saw the title of your post, I thought, "Interesting." You are brave to have brought this to a party and kudos for trying new things.


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