Friday, October 19, 2012

Monterey Bay's Restaurant Week

Over the past few years, I've heard buzzings about Restaurant Week. And while it always sounded like a good deal - prix fixe 3-course meals at some great local restaurants - I've never gotten farther than just thinking about it.  But this year, I am taking full advantage. Okay, it helps that I get to go and write an article about each of the two restaurants that I'm trying, but it is a fantastic deal! Here's the scoop...

Restaurant Week kicked off yesterday, October 18th, and runs through October 25th, 2012.

This 4th Annual Monterey Bay Restaurant Week is a chance for some culinary adventure that features fixed price - $25, $35, and $45 - menus at many of the top area restaurants. Each restaurant will serve three courses - an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert - with options from which to choose. Price does not include tax, tip, or beverages.

Click for the participating restaurants - their price, their menu, and to make reservations!

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