Monday, September 24, 2012

Cooking Around the World: Hungary

In our Cooking Around the World adventure, I'm taking a pass for Hungary, a landlocked nation in central Europe, because I cooked an entire Hungarian feast for Jenn's 37th birthday in 2010. It was delicious! Even though I'm not cooking this week, I'll share the recipes and a few photos. We toasted with Royal Tokaji Aszu wine. Pronounced toh-KAY ah-SOO), the first Tokaji wine was created by accident in the 1600s from a harvest that was delayed by the threat of enemy invasion.

And since traditional Hungarian dishes are based primarily on meat, seasonal vegetables, fruits, fresh bread, cheeses, and honey, I created a menu that featured many of these elements. Here's what I made, oh so many years ago...

We started with Paradicsomleves, Hungarian tomato the name for the recipe.

Traditionally, the soup is served with Palacsinta, Hungarian crepes filled with strawberry jam; I used black currant.

The main dish was Sorma, Hungarian cabbage rolls.

And we put candles in and sang around a Gwetche Kuchen, a traditional Hungarian plum tart.

I am posting this a little bit out of order. Sorry. Tomorrow we'll venture to Honduras...and wrap up the Hs in this adventure. Moving on to the 'I' countries of the world.

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