Friday, September 21, 2012

Cooking Adventure: Cucina Bambini

Okay, I'll admit, I love Groupon. I've used Groupon deals to recharge my mommy batteries at a glass-making class with two of my best friends, go on a double date with great friends at Pietra Santa Winery, and take the boys and two little friends bowling at the local alley. I've also gotten photo books, school uniforms, and spices at significant discounts.

My cardinal rule, however, is that I won't purchase a Groupon just because it's a good deal; it has to be for something that I would do full price, if I had to.

So, when I saw a Groupon deal for a kids' cooking school just up the road from us, I couldn't click purchase fast enough! Though the boys cook all the time, they've never made homemade pasta. This photo of "the Baker Manns" was taken almost seven years ago! They are much more skilled now than they were back then.

Come October, we're heading up for a family cooking adventure at Cucina Bambini. I'll keep you posted and will definitely share photos of the Manns getting their pasta groove on.

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