Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Parsnips, Candied Apples, and Purple Carrots

Walking through the farmers' market this evening, Riley excited gestured towards a booth, tugging on my sleeve. "Mommy, what are these?"

"Those are parsnips."

"Can we get some?"


Dylan darted across the street to another booth; the kid is drawn to pretty cellophane-shrouded treats. Totally Jake's child. "Mommy, look at these! What ARE they?"

"Those are caramel apples."

Riley shook his head, "Dylan, don't even think about asking for them. Mom's not going to buy you a caramel apple."

"But it has an apple in it."

"Yea, but it's the caramel part she won't buy."

"Okay, fine," Dylan sighs, "Mommy, will you buy me those purple carrots instead?"


So, armed with parsnips and purple carrots, I think I'll make a caramelized parsnip and apple soup tomorrow! Recipe and photos to come.

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