Sunday, April 6, 2014

Definition: Gourmet

Upscale restaurants in America, calling themselves "innovative and gourmet," prepare food the way we used to. In Iran, it's simply how everybody ate.
~Firoozeh Dumas, Funny in Farsi

This quotation was what started a family discussion on our way to Garrapata today. And it continued while we hiked to the top of Doud Peak...

I asked: What does gourmet mean? D asserted 'exotic, fancy'; Jake added 'lavish'; R thought 'creative.' 

Eventually we decided that 'gourmet' is a relative term. What's gourmet to one cook might be everyday for another. I think, for some, gourmet just means homemade or from scratch. For us, it's a dish that's exotic, fancy, lavish, and creative. I'll add layered and innovative. I think a gourmet dish has multiple flavors and textures. Thanks, Firoozeh, for the starting point of a great conversation!

What do you think gourmet means?

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  1. I've had these same exact thoughts myself ... what is gourmet really? Isn't it relative? Seems to me it's really over-used in America as a marketing strategy! :)

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with making labneh for SRC. I'm making more this week, actually!


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