Thursday, March 14, 2013

Honeyed Fruit Salad for Anna

When we received the invitation for Anna's 40th birthday party, the boys were dancing around the house: "We're going to La Balena, we're going to La Balena!"

Then I told them that we needed to bring a potluck item and Dylan announced that he was going to make it. What are you going to make? I asked. "Whatever looks good that day." Oh, you are soooo my child.

So, yesterday was the day and we were at the market. He spied some plump berries and decided on a fruit salad...with mint...and cardamom. Okay!

He washed, he sliced, he tossed, and he garnished with bee pollen to make Anna's birthday fruit salad.

This is so easy, I almost loathe to call it a recipe. But it is repeatable and it is delicious.

Fill the bowl with whatever fruit you want to use. Dylan used strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and grapes. Dress it with 1 T honey, 2 t vanilla, a dash of ground cardamom, and 2 T of chopped fresh mint. Toss and sprinkle with bee pollen for garnish.

Tanti auguri, Anna!

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