Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Formaggio Fridays: No Woman

I am completely remiss in my Formaggio Fridays postings. Sorry! When I teach an elective class at the boys' school, everything else goes on the back burner. Class is over, so now I can catch up!

When we were in Seattle this summer, we tasted cheese at Beecher's in the Pike's Place Market. So, you can imagine how tickled I was to come across a block of their cheese right here in California.

No Woman is a Beecher cheese with Jamaican jerk spices folded into it along with caramelized bits of sugar. Wow. I found myself humming Bob Marley's song as I sliced into this...

Ev'rything's gonna be alright
So woman, no cry
No, no, woman,
No, woman, no cry
Oh, my little sister, don't shed no tears
No, woman, no cry

Beecher's website suggests melting this onto pulled pork or pairing it with dried mangos and almonds. I served it with toasted ciabatta slices and an unfiltered wheat beer. 

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