Saturday, July 21, 2012

Salvadorean Special White Sauce

A few years ago we had a Salvadorean restaurant in the area. I heard it's now closed. But while it was open, it was one of our favorites.

The four of us went for lunch a few times and, then, we took our friends for dinner. Jake had been raving about the "special white sauce" and went up to the counter to ask for extra sauce.

Craig asked, "what's the white sauce?"

The answer: sour cream.

We all laughed about that for a long time; they joked that it must be full-fat sour cream and my family's not used to that. Fine. But today I went to the market and found this...and took a gander at the ingredient list.

It's not just like the sour cream I buy - cream and salt - it's sour cream with: salt, gum acacia, locust bean gum, carageenan, and annatto. So, it's sour cream with additives. In other words - special. Jake is going to be so happy to know that it's not just plain ol' sour cream. It's special white sauce! And, tonight, it will be on top of our pupusas as we travel to El Salvador by tabletop for our Cooking Around the World adventure.

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