Sunday, January 16, 2011


After watching Bear Grylls, from "Man vs. Wild," voraciously tear the raw flesh of a trout with his teeth, my eight-year-old asked, "Mom, when will I be 'sashimi-age'?"

"What is 'sashimi-age?'" I asked.

He explained, "You know, I can drive when I'm 16. I can drink wine when I'm 21. At what age can I eat sashimi?"

"Oh, you're probably old enough to eat sashimi. You can try it next time we go for sushi."

"Can we go to Ocean Sushi, then? Today?!?"

Okay. I never argue with a trip to Ocean Sushi Deli. So, on our way back from a hike at the Pinnacles, we lunched at Ocean Sushi and Riley tried his first pieces of sashimi.

The verdict: he didn't care for tuna or salmon; he didn't want to try octopus; he didn't have a chance to try yellow-tail because Jake downed those; but he liked the squid. Baby steps. sashimi bento is safe, at least for a little bit.


  1. That's great that he's so willing to try new things and was able to find something that he liked.

  2. Thanks, Lisa. Yes, he's an adventurous boy; we feel very lucky.


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