Saturday, November 20, 2010

Creamy Eggplant Soup

Inspired by the fragrant eggplant curries I've had, I decided to turn those flavors into a soup for one of the courses of my 'Ode to an Aubergine' dinner.

I roasted eggplants, onion, carrots, tomatoes, and butternut squash. Once they were all cooked, I put them all into a large soup pot with beef boullion. Season with curry powder, cinnamon, ground ginger, ground cardamom, and pink Himalayan salt. Add a splash of red wine and simmer for an hour. Puree in a blender till smooth. Stir in coconut milk and cool completely. Make this soup the night before you serve it so the flavors have a chance to develop.

Serve hot with a sprinkling of fresh, rough-chopped parsley.

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  1. Just heard this from someone...
    "I just wanted to thank you for the creamy eggplant soup recipe that you passed along during the recipe exchange. I finally had everything I needed in my cupboard to make it and it was AMAZING!!! I made it on Sunday night and just had the remaining little bit for lunch, and it's one of those foods that certainly taste better with age."


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