Monday, January 6, 2020

A #GodforsakenGrapes Preview #WinePW

To kick off the year, I invited the Wine Pairing Weekend crew to track down some 'godforsaken grapes' and create a pairing. You can read my invitation: Let's Go (Wine) Geeky & Explore #GodforsakenGrapes for 2020's First #WinePW.

In his Gazetteer of Godforsaken Grapes, in the book's appendix, Wilson lists 101 varieties to seek out. I created a checklist of all the varietals; out of 101, I've only tried seventeen. Wow. Looks as if I have a lot of tasting to do! Maybe I can track them all down before I'm fifty. That gives me about three and a half more years!

Here's how the crew will be answering the #GodforsakenGrapes challenge...

All of the posts will go live between Friday, 1/10 and Saturday, 1/11. If you would like to join our conversation, we'll be using the hashtag #WinePW at 8 a.m. Pacific time: Participating bloggers and others interested in the subject can connect via a live Twitter chat. It's a nice bring way to bring in others interested in the subject. Hope to see you there.

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