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Eat Better, Move More - in PACT Style #MomsMeet #Sponsor

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Moms Meet. All opinions are my own.

We've all heard it before because it's a simple formula. You can eat less, move more, or - ideally - you can do those two things in tandem. As I move into my mid-forties, I am definitely trying to be better about all of this. However, instead of 'eat less,' because that is exceptionally challenging as a food writer, I am making my mantra: eat better, move more.

My goal is not necessarily weight loss, though that would be a welcome effect. My goal is to be more healthy - to, again, eat better and move more. On the eating better side, I'm bad with diets. So, I will start with actively cutting out processed sugars and being more mindful about my snacking habit.

Serendiptiously, I was just selected to review some items for PACT Organic through my role with MomsMeet as a blog ambassador. As I launch this 'Eat Better, Move More' journey, I'll be doing it in some new gear.*

I loved that the shipping tape on the box reads: "Change starts with your underwear." Okay!

New underwear? Check. Change? It's a coming!

And, if you're interested in trying some PACT Organic pieces out for yourself, visit this personalized link. My readers automatically get 25% off through that link.

Two stories to make you chuckle before I share my thoughts about PACT...

First: when I received the email to select my sizes, I read the words '2-piece bikini size?' My heart raced and I thought, "Do I really have to wear a bikini?!?" Between my stretch marks from the boys and my extra chub, I was horrified. Thank goodness it ended up being 2-piece, as in quantity two, bikini underwear, as in underneath my clothes and not visible to anyone else! Phew.

Second: I even received a 2-pack of men's boxer briefs for my Love. But he whined that he only got one thing while I got "more than [he] could count!" Too funny. Then, the littles piped up, "Daddy, at least you got one thing. There's nothing in that box for us." Oh, brother.... But, truth be told, when I receive items to review, they usually get to partake because it's usually edible.

About PACT Organic...
PACT is passionate about organic cotton. They are committed to using only organic cotton - for the planet, for the farmers, and for their factory workers. They firmly believe that organic cotton is the bedrock for making a difference in the labor and environmental challenges that impact the clothing industry. PACT Organic wants to change the apparel industry for the better.

Putting their energies toward that end, they are Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified, Organic Content Standard (OCS) certified, and Fair Trade Certified.

My Thoughts...
The first things we noticed were the stories on the back of the packaging. "Robots don't make your clothes, people do," stated one package. "We care about the process and the people who are part of it - from the farmer planting the seed to the seamster sewing the final stitch."

Does this mean someone sewed this by hand?!asked one of my kids as he turned over the box.

"I think that is what it means," I said. "We'll have to go to the website and read more." And, we did. After dinner that evening, we hopped on our computers, visited PACT Organic's website and learned about their company, their mission, and their products. Needless to say, we are all impressed by their commitment to be a change in the world.

Also on the packaging: "No toxic dyes. No toxic pesticides. No sweatshops. No child labor." There are so many things to love about this company. Their philosophies and products are impressive. Though we are well-trained to read the labels on the food we eat, I realize that I am not as informed about the clothes I wear and the clothes I buy for my family. That changes now.

I received a generous sampling of their items, including long leggings, a racerback bra, shelf bra camisole, crew socks, classic fit bikini underwear, a lightweight hoodie, and men’s boxer briefs. 

When I was unwrapping everything, I looked at the logo and realized that I already own two PACT pieces. I have - and love - a dress and a t-shirt that I picked up at Whole Foods a couple of years ago.

But this about my experiences with these new items. I wore the racerback bra for jogs. I donned the shelf bra camisole for yoga. Here I am, a sweaty mess after a 40 minute yoga practice. Happily exhausted...but stylish!

The long leggings were far too long for me because I'm short - 5'2" short in case you're wondering if they will be too long for you. So, I'll definitely be ordering their cropped leggings because I loved the feel of the material; I was just too darn short for this pair, though I still wear them tucked into boots!

The lightweight hoodie was perfect for the Mediterranean climate of California's central coast. It was warm enough for my chilly early morning walks and stylish enough for running errands all day long.

Through several washes, they have retained their shape and color. I love them. The only thing I wish: more variety in the available colors. Most of the items come in white and black. The shirts and dresses are slightly more varied, but the colors are more muted than vibrant. Maybe there's a reason for that. I didn't dig into that.

I am thrilled to have become more acquainted with PACT Organic. They are a company with heart and vision. They are actively making a difference in the apparel industry. And they make some comfortable, high quality clothes. Thank you, PACT!

Again, if you're interested in trying some PACT Organic pieces out for yourself, visit this personalized link. My readers automatically get 25% off through that link.

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*Disclosure: I received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms Meet program May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agree to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC or the manufacturer of this product.

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