Saturday, August 6, 2016

Magical Fairy Feast Menu

If you follow my blog even somewhat regularly, you'll know that I am a permanent resident of Testosterone Land. With a husband and two sons, I am completely outnumbered.

So, when a friend asked if I would be willing to help her with the food for her granddaughter's birthday party, I jumped for joy. A girl party?!?! Yes, yes, and yes again.

Here's what I'm making and photos to come later. I will refrain from putting on my fairy wings for the party. Yes, I do have some. I think I wore them when I was La Fée Verte for Halloween one year!


  1. I am sure the little Fairy will be thrilled and you should absolutely wear the wings. That is if you can fit them over the halo.

  2. I love you iris Brewster. You are my ideal human being. Oh that there were more like you!


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