Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Curated Spicely Chocolate Tasting

Remember our Walking Chocolate Tour of San Francisco? D was so inspired that he changed his dessert course - for his birthday dinner party - to include a curated chocolate tasting with a dozen tasty morsels from Spicely's Organics.

He started by sharing raw cacao nibs. Then he guided his friends through twelve chocolates that were infused with spices and teas.

They tried a wide variety of flavors and combinations, including - white chocolate-saffon, pink pepper-tulsi, jasmine, raspberry-rooibus, all-spice, cardamom-anise, lemon-tarragon, sage-lavender-orange, Chinese five spice, and lapsang souchong.

After they finished the tasting, it was a free-for-all. D had them line up and grab the extras.

My favorite is the lapsang souchong. It's exotic and smoky. I don't think many of the kids were fans. Fine...more for me!

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