Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Q&A - What do I do with langostino tails?

Jo wanted a recipe suggestion for langostino tails.

Cam says: Langostino typically refers to the tailmeat of the squat lobster which is, surprisingly, neither a lobster nor a prawn which it resembles quite a bit. It's actually more closely related to a porcelain crab or a hermit crab. Still, I use them how I would use shrimp or lobster. A fairly easy, but tasty dish is a lobster potpie. You can make individual pies in small ramekins or a large, family-style pie. Whatever you do, use cookie cutters to create some festive looking crust - hearts for Valentines, stars for Christmas. You get the idea.

Cook the langostino tails ahead of time and because they are small, you don't need to chop or shred the meat. Make your usual pie crust, but add some lemon zest for added zing. Make your usual cream sauce, but add some sherry. Stir the cooked langostino tails into the sherry-cream sauce and season with sea salt and pink pepper to taste. Add some rough chopped parsley. Line baking dish with crust, spoon in langostino mixture, top with crust - or use puff pasty, crimp edges and brush with beaten egg yolk, and bake till crust is browned. Maybe an hour at 350. For variations, add sauteed onions and fennel or carrots and peas.

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