#KitchenMatrixCookingProject 2018

I have long been a fan of Mark Bittman - the way he views food and cooking seem to be good for us and good for the planet. For 2018, I decided to cook my way through his kitchen matrix - Kitchen Matrix by Mark Bittman* - and invited some fellow foodie bloggers to join me.

If you would like to cook along, please email me at constantmotioncamilla[at]gmail[dot]com. We'd love to have you. The only requirement is that you purchase a copy of the book or find it at your local library.

Who's Posting...
Culinary Adventures with Camilla             
Karen's Kitchen Stories               
Simple and Savory           

This project is fast and loose. So, bloggers might join me every week, or once a month, or once a quarter. There are no rules. We're just sharing some good food and the experience of cooking through Bittman's book. I hope you'll follow along. We have a Pinterest Board, if you want to see things there.

Here's our plan...
1/2/2018             Party Dips + 3 Ways (posts here)
1/9/2018             Raw Beets + 3 Ways (posts here)
1/16/2018           Whole Duck Cassoulet (posts here)
1/23/2018           Wilted Spinach + 3 Ways (posts here)
1/30/2018           Clafoutis + 3 Ways (posts here)
2/6/2018             Vegetable Soup (posts here)
2/13/2018           Chicken Parts, Roasted (posts here)
2/20/2018           Potatoes, Braised (posts here)
2/27/2018           Condiments + 7 Ways (posts here)
3/6/2018             Quick Stock + 9 Ways (posts here)
3/13/2018           Celery + 16 Ways (posts here)
3/20/2018           Miso + 4 Ways (posts here)
3/27/2018           Pork Ribs + 9 Ways (posts here)
4/3/2018              Salad Greens + 12 ways (posts here)
4/10/2018            Pasta + 8 ways (posts here)
4/17/2018            Sauteed Shrimp + 3 ways (posts here)
4/24/2018            Dessert Bars, generator (posts here)
5/1/2018              Salsa + 12 Ways (posts here)
5/8/2018              Masa + 3 Ways (posts here)
5/15/2018            Carnitas (posts here)
5/22/2018            Mexican Soups (posts here)
5/29/2018            Ice Pops + 12 Ways (posts here)
6/5/2018              Spring Rolls (posts here)
6/12/2018            Asparagus + 12 ways (posts here)
6/19/2018            Corn + 12 ways (posts here)
6/26/2018            Kebabs (posts here)
7/3/2018              Chicken Wings + 12 Ways (posts here)
7/10/2018            Gazpacho + 12 Ways (posts here)
7/17/2018            Hard-Boiled Eggs + 12 Ways (posts here)
7/24/2018            Watermelon + 12 Ways
7/31/2018            Cocktails + 12 Ways

*This blog currently has a partnership with Amazon.com in their affiliate program, which gives me a small percentage of sales if you buy a product through a link on my blog. It doesn't cost you anything more. If you are uncomfortable with this, feel free to go directly to Amazon.com and search for the item of your choice.

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