Sunday, October 8, 2017

Sprinkle-Topped, Frosted Pumpkin "Cupcakes"

So, you can read about how I ended up with plastic sprinkles in my pants. I decided to reuse them into a Halloween craft this afternoon. The boys declared, "Mom, we think you spent too much time at the ice cream museum." Maybe. But, I like these sprinkle-topped, frosted pumpkin "cupcakes."

Just a note: I rarely post something that you can't ingest; but these are cute, aren't they?!?


  • mini pumpkins
  • acrylic paint (the pearly paint looked the best)
  • clear craft glue
  • plastic sprinkles
  • foam paint brushes

Place pumpkins on a covered surface. Squeeze paints onto a paper plate. Layer paint thickly onto the top part of the pumpkin. You can make a nice, smooth edge on the pumpkin or let the frosting paint drip down the sides a bit.

Drizzle the top with clear glue and scatter sprinkles over the top. Let dry completely before handling.

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