Sunday, September 20, 2015

Future Cheesemonger?

On Friday the Enthusiastic Kitchen Elf and I headed to our local cheese shop - The Cheese Shop - to pick up dinner. He wanted to put together a cheese board and knew what he wanted: one brie, one blue, one sheep, one goat, and something new.

Halfway through our tasting, Hannah asked "How old are you?"


"Well, he'll probably hire you in five years."

Kent jumped in without hesitation, "Yes, and, Mom, think of the discount you'll get!"

Here is the Enthusiastic Kitchen Elf, explaining what the cheeses are: Grès des Vosges, a seawater-washed rind Alsace-style munster; Purple Haze, a lavender and wild fennel pollen chevre; Rogue River Blue Reserve, a bleu that's wrapped in syrah leaves and soaked in brandy; and some Fra'mani salami. He curated a great board...he might just make a great cheesemonger.

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