Sunday, February 16, 2014

Siam Orchid Organic Thai {Restaurant Review}

When I planned our family Valentines' adventure up to Palo Alto for a chocolate tasting and a stop by the LEGO store in Santa Clara on the way home, I started searching for a great lunch spot.

Eureka! I picked Siam Orchid Organic Thai. It's a small restaurant with mixed reviews, but I loved the menu and I wasn't disappointed. I will say that it is pricey. However, we had a groupon and that brought it into reasonable range. But everything we ordered was fresh, delicious, and flavorful.

We started with our favorite drinks - fresh coconut and Thai iced coffee.

Som Tum
This is my favorite Thai salad and it didn't disappoint. Spicy, shredded green papaya are tossed with steamed shrimps, organic tomatoes, organic carrots, organic beets, organic green beans, crushed peanuts and organic garlic in chili-lime som tum dressing. It wasn't as spicy as would have liked, but it was really tasty.

Tom Yum Gung
D literally picked up his bowl and poured it down his throat. Jake and I loved it, too, though R thought it was too sour. Tom Yum Gung is a hot and sour soup served with head-on river shrimp, shrimps, galangals, homegrown lemongrass, homegrown Kaffir lime leaves, organic tomatoes, organic mushrooms, chili, and organic cilantro. I would definitely order this again!

Massaman Gai
Everything is served family-style, but I ordered this mostly for the boys. Massaman Gai is a southern Thai-style mild curry with chunks of stewed organic chicken thigh in coconut milk with organic potatoes, peanuts, organic carrots and organic onion core. We were all stunned with how tender the chicken was. Buttery soft and completely saturated with flavor.

Gang Khaew Wan Lychee Moo-Sub
For Jake and me, I selected a spicy green coconut milk curry with organic ground pork stuffed in lychee with homegrown Kaffir lime leaves, organic eggplant, organic bell peppers, and Thai basil. I never would have put lychee in a savory dish, but as soon as I get my hands on some, I will be recreating this dish.

We skipped dessert since we were on our way to a chocolate tasting. But I can imagine how good their Khao Nieo Mamuang (mango sticky rice) would be. We will definitely be back!

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