Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dylan's Cooking Homework, Part I

I looked in Dylan's homework folder for the week and was thrilled to see something a little bit more exciting than the usual math and language arts worksheets. This week, they have to cook something. That is right up this family's alley. And what a great way to reinforce fractions, currency, and measurements!

Step One: Find a recipe you way to try cooking with your family. Dylan went straight to my cookbook stash, though I had to steer him away from Indian food (too time consuming) and cookies (not nutritious). He finally opted for a recipe for Italian pork chops.

Step Two: Find out how much it will cost to make this recipe. I actually had pork chops in the fridge. So, we looked through the Trader Joe's receipt from last week and ended up writing "$0 - in pantry" for several ingredients. I'm not quite sure how you quantify the cost of one minced clove of garlic...or some sea salt.

Step Three: Make the recipe with your family! He'll be making dinner tomorrow night. Awesome! Stay tuned for Part II.

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