Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Q&A - Fig Spread?

I'm always up for fielding foodie questions. So, if you have an ingredient whose use escapes you, shoot me an email: camillammann@sbcglobal.net. I'll post an answer.

Here's one I got from my cousin Jodree just now. "Speaking of figs...some work colleagues came through our offices last week and gave us each some fig spread. I have no idea what to pair it with or what to spread it on. Suggestions?"

Cam says: You bet, I do. Someone gave me a jar of fig spread during the holidays, too. I - should I be embarrassed to admit this? - used it in the boys' almond butter sandwiches like jam. But I typically use fig spread the same way I would use quince paste: with cheese.

A hearty bread (I like the cranberry-hazelnut bread from Trader Joe's) + a slice of manchego + a thin smear of fig spread = a great open-face sandwich.

If anyone else has a use for fig spread, please share it by posting a comment. Thanks in advance.

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