Monday, January 18, 2010

Eat Local!

In 2007, the term "locavore" made a splash, being Oxford University Press's 'Word of the Year' and earning an entry in the New Oxford American Dictionary. It's a fairly simple concept and a rallying cry for greenies everywhere. It means: one who eats from his/her local foodshed, or foods that come from within 100 miles.

Eating local is something that I, with my tree-hugging sensibilities, embrace. And when we travel, it means that we frequent the local markets and, as much as we can, eat the way the locals eat.

Our trip to Costa Rica for Fall Break last October was no exception. Once our travel-weary eyes had focused enough to read the map and locate the bus stop, we headed downtown to the central market.

Our senses were assailed with new sights (whole animals suspended over butchers' tables and turtle eggs) and new smells (there was an entire apothecary stand that made me really wish I could read Spanish). It was fabulous!

We didn't go home with any cow tongues or chicken feet, but we scored some freshly roasted coffee and bunches and bunches of fresh fruits and vegetables.

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