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Recently I had the chance to review meal kits from Sun Basket. Click for my review. Here are a few of the meals I received and prepared.

In any case, here's the scoop...

'Organic, easy, and delicious' are not just a marketing gimmick. It's the truth. 

The ingredients in my Sun Basket delivery were sourced from local, organic farms...just like I would choose at the store. The meats and seafood were wild-caught and organic...just like I would choose at the store.

The recipes were easy to follow and were on the table in less than an hour. These were tasty, filling meals that I could get onto plates in a reasonable amount of time. Perfect for a busy school night. My only complaint: I didn't have leftovers. If I were to make these dishes, buying the ingredients at the store, I always pick up enough to have dinner plus lunches the next day. However, I do see that you can opt to double or triple an ingredient delivery from Sun BasketThat's a nice feature.

The meals were delicious. Truly delectable. After each of the meals, Jake asked me, dubiously, "This is really from a kit?!" 


"Impressive," he commented. 


If it's not apparent, I'll be crystal clear: I am wildly impressed with Sun Basket. From the quality of the ingredients to their sourcing and packaging philosophies, this is a product I can definitely endorse. 

So, I am. I have signed on as an affiliate and am happy to offer some special deals for the readers of Culinary Adventures with Camilla. Order through this link and you will receive $30 off your order.*

Get $30 off your Sun Basket order!

I would love to have you try it and let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy the meal kits as much as I do!

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*This blog currently has a partnership with Sun Basket in their affiliate program. It doesn't cost you anything more but does give me a small kick-back if you order meal kits through a link on my blog. 

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