Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Fast Food: Eating Like the Danes...from a Pølsevogn

Picture us in Copenhagen. We had driven into town - from Lynge - and parked our car at the hotel. We met up with the Novaks and were walking around the city on our last day in Denmark. The wind was gusting so forcefully that it blew people over when they were standing still. And, to top it off, it was pretty darn cold. I think I read minus 2 degrees Celsius. That's 28 degrees Fahrenheit, in case you can't convert in your head!

A little while into our adventure, D was done. Cold, tired, and hungry. He just wanted to buy some souvenirs, get warm, and relax at the hotel. Jake agreed to take him. I am pretty sure he was also done. We had crammed a lot into ten days and they both just wanted to relax before our 24-hour journey home.

We snapped one last photo at the canal and off they went. R and I decided to continue on with the Novaks and walk to see Den Lille Havfrue, the Little Mermaid. But we were hungry and cold, too, and I asked the Novaks if I could buy them lunch before we continued.

A few wrinkled noses and a comment - 'this is where the tourists eat' - told me they didn't like that plan. And, I get it. I avoid touristy places like the plague when people come to visit us in Monterey. So, I shrugged my shoulders and said, "Where do you eat when you come here?" They pointed in all different directions. Within my line of sight, there were four Pølsevogn, hot dog carts. Four! Okay. Done.

The ubiquitous pølsevogn were all surrounded by Danes. No tourists in sight. So, R and I followed the Novaks and asked them what to order. Though there were lots of options, they all said to get the Ristet hotdog med det hele.

The ristet hotdog med det hele is a grilled sausage placed in a classic bun. It's served with mustard, ketchup, and remoulade. Then it's topped with raw onions, crisped onions, and pickles. It was tasty!

Other choices were the Fransk hotdog, a grilled sausage in a little pocket of bread with your choice of dressing, and the Rød pølse med brød, a traditional Danish red sausage that is boiled instead of grilled. That one is also served with your choice of dressing and a piece of bread on the side.

As soon as we got our hot dogs, they were off and walking. So, no, I didn't get out of the cold and wind for lunch. But we did enjoy a typical fast food lunch. On the go. From the Pølsevogn. Just like the Danes. That combination of flavors and textures was delicious. I will try making them soon.

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