Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Crawdadding with Cousins Means Jambalaya

This isn't a recipe because I didn't cook anything. My lovely sister-in-law Olivia did the honors. But I wanted to share this culinary adventure of crawdading with the cousins because it's definitely a case of teaching the kids from where food comes!

Crawdadding is a family tradition. We hike or kayak over to the bridge and the kids catch as many crawdads as they can. We do set traps, but they love just spotting them in the water and grabbing them with their hands!

Back at camp, Liv boils the crawdads...

and the kids peel.

And, in the end, we get this: a delectable camp meal of jambalaya. It's one of my favorite dinners every summer.

I did bring the wine, a bottle of Syrah from the Klipsun Vineyard by Hundred Suns Wine! I love that wine...and the winemakers. Cheers.

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