Monday, January 27, 2014

101-Word Short Story: Snout Pout {Honorable Mention}

Just for kicks, I entered a 101-word short story contest, inspired by a visit to Fogline Farm last year. This got honorable mention...

Visiting our CSA farm, he spotted a sow with a row of piglets. 

“Mommy, look! Babies!” he shrieked, gesturing at the pile of pigs huddled beneath the shade of the gnarled apple tree. The piglets shoved and squealed; they climbed on top of one another. All were trying to get to their mother’s teat. Those who were successful, suckled happily. Those who weren’t, kept jostling the heap. “I like that one,” he pointed excitedly. “He’s cute. Which one do you like?” 

“Oh, I don’t know. You think they’d make good pets?” 

“No, silly Mommy. They’re for bacon… or ham!” he declared.

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